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ST Engineering



Establishing distribution networks for shipyards in ship owning markets worldwide. Also working with domestic yards on direct contact with shipowners, proposal or claims development.

Extensive experience in the contracting process with creative solutions for the shipyard based on actual successful projects.


Mr Enman works for Rainmaker LLC. A successful ship repair agency representing shipyards from around the world to ship owners throughout the US and Canada.

Jack Berglund is the principal at Rainmaker and has been a colleague of Mr Enman on and off for three decades.

Mr Enman works from Miami to Newfoundland in all the marine markets therin.

Please see the yards listed under ‘CLIENTS” for more detail on each yard and visit www.rainmakerresults.com

Offshore Inland

Mr Enman works in Business Development for OIMO in the US Government Markets supporting the US Navy.

OIMO has been a successful contractor in the Offshore and Industrial sectors for 37 years.

For more details on this versatile contractor please go to www.Offshoreinland.com  






David Enman has been involved in the development of commercial shipyards and projects of significance for 30 years.


David has served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Atlantic Marine, President of Ameri-Force and now currently the President of Enman and Associates.


Extensive experience in strategic planning and development of marketing plans for shipyards as listed below:

Atlantic Marine

Alabama Shipyard

New Park Shipyard

Detyens Shipyards

Todd Shipyards

Vigor Shipyard

Baltimore Sparrows Point


Many of these yards were start ups or in their infancy and were major international shipyards. Enman and Associates developed estimating and pricing tariffs as well as organizing international agent networks to support the sales effort.



Dave Enman

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Ben Enman

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